Arduino 3S 12V 8A Li-ion 18650 Lithium Battery Charger Protection Board 11.1V 12.6V 10A BMS Charger Protection Board

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Description:3 series (for three 18650 batteries or polymer lithium battery series combination)The rated voltage of 10.8 V (polymer battery)18650 or 11.1 V (nominal voltage of 3.7 V lithium battery)12.6 V voltage after a full battery (lithium)8 a discharge (refers to the maximum discharge current limit)Specifications:Model: HX-3S-A02Size: 51 * 10 * 3.0MMThe maximum working current: 3-4AMaximum instantaneous current: 7-8AStatic electricity: less than 10UAResistance: less than 60 mCharging voltage range: 4.25-4.35V + / - 0.05VDischarge voltage range: 2.3-3.0V + / - 0.05VWorking temperature: - 40 - + 50 Storage conditions: - 40 - + 80 Short circuit protection, can protect, delay the recoveryNote:This cannot be used for iron from polymer battery protection board, hand electric drill battery, electric fish electromechanical ChiZu, electric bicycle batteries, 2 piece series 24 v, 775 (4 a) above, electrical fisheye 1 w LED lamp, used for the combined purchase customers please note!Applications:Described within the scope of power is suitable for the following products:Massager battery back-up power, LED lamp, 12 v electronic products, battery pack, monitoring standby power, solar street lamps and other products.Note: more than 3 a current discharge products, battery discharge rate is more than 3 c.Ratio calculation formula: 1 c rate of the battery, 2000 capacity is equal to 2 ah * 1 = 2 a maximum working current.3 c ratio battery, 2000 capacity is equal to 2 ah * 3 = 6 a maximum work

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