Aurelia Skincare Weekend Muslins

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Gently lift away daily grime with Aurelia Skincare Weekend Muslins; a luxurious collection of three muslin cloths housed in a convenient muslin bag, perfect for on-the-go. Each cloth is crafted with finely woven, natural bamboo fibers. This ensures an ultra-soft finish that is gentle enough for sensitive skin types. The antibacterial cloths comfortably glide over the visage, working to remove cleanser, whilst gently exfoliating the complexion. In an instant, daily dirt, oil and impurities are swept away by the muslin. Whilst performing the exfoliating action, the cloth stimulates circulation and encourages skin’s natural renewal process, which in turn reveals a bright and refreshed appearance. With continued use, skin will benefit from a more thorough cleanse. The visage appears bright, healthy and youthful.

Обновлено: 09.07.2020

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