Aurelia The Probiotic Concentrate 30ml

Описание и характеристики

Fight against a multitude of skin concerns with the Aurelia The Probiotic Concentrate. This luxurious skin treatment is powered by a host of anti-ageing benefits, targeting fine lines and wrinkles, dullness and areas of pigmentation to help promote a balanced and silky-smooth complexion. Formulated with a host of Probiotic ingredients in their purest form, the skincare saviour works to revive the look of dull, tired skin for a thoroughly rejuvenated finish. A dosage of Hyaluronic Acid supercharges the complexion with a nourishing burst of hydration, helping the skin to maintain a supple and soft appearance. The brand’s signature Probiotic Peptide works to protect, revive and unify the visage, focusing on regions of discolouration and UV-related damage to enhance a more even skin tone. Lightweight yet effective, the concentrated skin treatment aims to boost lacklustre skin with a bright and youthful-looking result. Striving to balance the harmful effects of pollution while soothing blemishes and congestion, this facial treatment promotes an even, refined and radiant complexion.

Обновлено: 02.07.2020

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