Daimon Barber Revitalising Eye Formula 15ml

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Nourish and revive the delicate eye area with the Daimon Barber Revitalising Eye Formula, a lightweight cream that absorbs quickly for a smooth finish. Containing an award-winning active, ‘Beautifeye’, the eye cream targets the upper eyelid to lift the skin and make crow’s feet and fine lines appear less noticeable. It also strengthens the skin for a more resilient surface and younger illusion. The cream helps to support the normal functionality of the microvascular network in this fragile area as well as working to maintain natural detoxification systems. This makes dark circles and unwanted pigmentation seem lighter for a brighter, more energetic finish while puffiness is soothed and calmed. Containing a whole host of moisturising ingredients like a Honeybee Moisture Complex and Murumuru Butter, you’ll be left with a deeply hydrated, supple feel. Never oily or greasy, the eye cream’s blend of botanicals helps to nourish skin and leave it with an even more radiant glow. Added Filaggrin, a natural protein, means moisture will be locked in for longer, helping to prevent water loss throughout the day. Also harnessing the powers and fatty acids of Jojoba, Black Seed, Apple, Lime, Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Camellia and Tocopherol Oils, you’ll be treated to a thoroughly conditioned finish bursting with skin-loving goodness.

Обновлено: 02.07.2020

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