Dr. PAWPAW Peach Pink Balm 10ml

Описание и характеристики

Dr. PAWPAW's Peach Pink Balm utilises the same formula as the Original Balm but with the addition of a flattering peach-pink tint. The first tinted balm from the brand, it has a variety of uses; particularly effective layered onto lips and cheeks to add a pop of healthy-looking colour to the complexion. Adapting with individual skin tones, it will lay down a flattering hue to complement your skin. Formulated with a host of natural ingredients, the tinted balm combines moisturising Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice with key ingredient Carica Papaya, an antioxidant-rich fruit that aids repair while protecting and intensely hydrating. Apply sparingly or layer up to create a more intense finish. Made in the UK.

Обновлено: 25.06.2020

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